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Editor in Chief

Fabrício Moraes de Almeida (PhD)
Professor at Universidade Federal de Rondônia, Department of Electrical Engineering (Brazil).
Email:- dr.fabriciomoraes@gmail.com
Telefones: (+55 69) 98153-0017
Advisory Board

Master IIzan F. N. Calderaro Graduated in Informatics from the Federal University of Rondônia-UNIR (2004).
Postgraduate in WEB Development from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Technology - FATEC (2007).
Email:- izancalderaro@gmail.com
Prof. Dr. Idelfonso Leandro Bezerra
Adjunct Professor, Level 3, Federal University of Rondônia
(Department of Agronomy, Campus Rolim de Moura).
Graduated in Agronomy from the Federal University of Paraíba - UFPB (1997). (2007).
Email:- idelfonsobezerra@unir.br
Telefone: (69) 98452-9100
Prof. Dr. Fábio Robson Casara Cavalcante Bachelor's at Engenharia Agronômica from Universidade Federal Rural do Semi Árido (1996)
Email:- fabiocasara@unir.br
Prof Dr. Carlos Alberto Paraguassu Chaves.
Senior Visiting Professor at UFMA. Retired Full Professor at the Federal University of Rondônia - UNIR. PhD in Health Sciences (Medical Geography) - Universidad de La Habana - CU, by the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences at U. Habana - CU, with national validation by the University of Brasília - UnB. Doctor of Science (U. Habana).
Post-Doctorate in Health Sciences - Institute of Neuroscience and Behavior - UnB / Universita 'Degli Studi Di L'Aquila – IT.
Email:- carlos.paraguassu@gmail.com

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