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Editorial for REVIEW OF RESEARCH August 2013:
Volume II, Issue XI / August 2013, publishes four articles from various fields of research that are likely to be of interest for researchers and the general reading public. It thus responds to the multidisciplinary profile of the journal and consequently enlarges possibilities of intellectual enrichment and academic upgrade.
Ganesh Mantri’s study on the “Socio Economic Consequences of Urbanization in BRIC Nations” discusses the social and economic outcome of urbanization in BRIC nations, as well as the environmental issues associated with the inevitable process of urban growth. The author perceives the phenomenon of urban migration as a necessity of any nation involved in economic growth.
“Violence against women and remedies:- A sociological study” is the research work of Sanjay S. Salivkar who brings forth the dramatic situation of female oriented violence in the Indian society. The author discusses the typology of this alarming type of violence, the reasons behind it and, more importantly, the reaction of the society law structures when confronted with these dramatic situations. The study is a necessary contribution in terms of drawing attention and suggesting authorities some measures against this type of criminality.
“Biodegradation of Azo Dye Using Peroxidase Enzyme Extracted from Mosses and Characterization of Degraded Product”, the collaborative research article of Pawar P.R., Lolage Y.P., Saiful Arfeen, and Bhosle A.B., deals with key concepts such as mosses, peroxidases enzyme, purification, reactivity, dye decolourization in the context of various pollutants constantly affecting our environment due to the increasing number of industries and factories. Dyes and dye intermediates, being chemically inorganic pollutants, are recognized as extremely hazardous to the environment because of their non-degradable character.
Ruchi Sah and Vinay Pawar analyze the psychological norms in the case of national level girl boxers, in their article, “Construction of Psychological Norms for National Level Girl Boxers.” The authors follow the psychological variables of aggression, motivation, trait and state anxiety, which they measure by using different questionnaires. The results show various degrees of the variables under discussion, from low, poor, average, good to high on the normal distribution scale.
The current issue of Review of Research welcomes researchers and general public to read the published articles and profit on the various research aspects opened to future dialogue.
Ecaterina Patrascu
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